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How to Add/Edit Linked lines in your Notes Templates

Learn how to add linked lines that only show based on previously chosen button responses.

Check out this article explaining why linked lines are so useful:
Understanding Links

How to Identify a Lined Line and What it's Linked to

You can identify lines that are created by links because they have a blue link icon near the start of the line.

If you hover over the link icon, it will tell you the button that triggers the creation of this line.

In this example, hovering over the link icon on the "Quit' line tells me it is triggered by the 'Ex smoker' button within the 'Social History' section.

You can see that the 'Ex smoker' button in the line above, the trigger button, also has a link icon within in.

Creating a New Link

First create the output line. See: How to add a new line

To create a new link, first click the checkbox next to the output line.

You will then need to click on the trigger button group. This opens the sidebar, where you can specify an individual option (or all options) that triggers the creation of the output line.

In this example, we are creating the link between the "Quit' line and the trigger, the 'Ex smoker' button.

How to Remove a link

To remove the connection between a linked line and its trigger, simply click on the blue linked line icon.

In the sidebar, click the 3 dots next to the trigger button to open the menu. Then click the 'Remove link' option.