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How to add a new line to your notes template

This article explains how to add a new line in your template. This might be an additional button, note or piece of discussion for instance.

To create a new line, click the + button at the end of the previous line or the 'enter bar' on your keyboard. (Note you cannot create a new line from a linked line).

To reorder a line, simply pick up a line by clicking the 6 dot option and moving the line.

To delete a line directly by clicking the x in the circle.

Add blocks

Blocks make up the content of your lines. They are found in the left-hand side bar of the editor. For more information on what each of these do check out this article here.

To add blocks to a line, drag blocks from the left sidebar onto your line.

Otherwise, you can add a new block after an existing block. To do this, click 3 dots at the end of a block to open the menu.

From the menu, delete and duplicate relate to the block you are currently clicking. The other options allow you to easily pick and create your next block.