Getting started with Kiroku Docs

Convert your Kiroku Notes into ready-to-send Docs in one click.

Welcome to Kiroku docs! Here are some quick pointers for getting started using docs. 

Identifying which notes templates have docs attached

1. In the the Docs tab

At the top of your side bar you will find the Docs tab. Here you can see all of your docs templates, grouped under the notes template they are associated to.

2. In the notes tab and template library

In the notes tab and template library you can identify which templates have docs attached by the red/orange icon in the top right corner. This icon indicates that this template has one or more docs associated to it.

Creating a Doc from a set of Notes

To create a document you first need to complete a set of notes, using a notes template with a document attached. 

Then select the doc type you wish to send in 'Generate Docs', located at the bottom of your screen. 

Sending a Doc

Check out the below articles for details on generating and sending docs:

How to Send and Monitor Tracked Docs
This is the standard way to send a doc and allows you to monitor the status of the letters you send your patients.

 How To Generate and Send a Consent Doc

Create a tailored consent letter, send it, track it, and collect an e-signature.

How to Send a Doc as a PDF

If you just want to send a PDF and aren't worried about tracking.