Using Kiroku for Consent Letters

Create a tailored consent letter, send it, track it, and collect an e-signature using Kiroku Pro

To generate a consent form you first need to complete the 'Consent' notes template to inform the letter. 
You can download this template from the Template Library here.

Or you may want to create your own consent form, following on from one of your own notes templates. Check out these articles here on How to Build/Edit a Doc and How to add an e-signature to a doc.

How to Send a Tracked Consent Doc/ Monitoring your Doc's Status /
How to download a completed Consent/ What does the Patient See?

How to Send a Tracked Consent Doc

Complete your 'Consent' notes template and select Consent Form in 'Generate Docs', located at the bottom of your screen.

The Send button will be greyed out and inactive where there are incomplete variables in your Doc.

Add the relevant variables to populate your Doc and activate the Send button.When you are ready to send your doc click send.
This opens the sending popup. You can choose to email your Doc as a PDF or as a Tracked Doc.

Select tracked Doc and enter the recipient's email address.
Here you can also change the email subject line and message. Note that the email address associated with your Kiroku account defaults in the message, but you can change this.

When you are ready hit 'Send' - located at the bottom

Save time by downloading the PDF to your computer at this stage, rather than downloading the PDF separately. Note that the download will be a PDF only.
If you wish to save it as a Word Document, you will need to use the 'Download' functionality at the top of the window instead.

Monitoring your Doc's Status

You can see the status of your doc from the 'Sent' tab of your docs.

The status will show as either Sent, Read, or Signed.
This status will update in real time as a recipient completes these steps.

To view or resend a doc hover your cursor over it and these options will appear on the right.

Downloading a signed consent letter

To download a doc as a PDF hover over it in the 'Sent' view and select 'View', then in the top bar select 'Download'. You will see the below, select download and it will be downloaded to your computer. 

What does the Patient see?

The recipient will receive an email and select 'View your document'. This directs them to the Kiroku Care Portal -  is the patient interface for Kiroku. 

They will need to complete 2-step Verification by entering their email address

This sends them a verification email with a link to access their document in the Kiroku Care Portal as below. 

The recipient can review the document and click to sign.

This opens a popup where they simply need to enter their name, tick the consent box, and click sign. 

This document is now completed.