Kiroku Cancellation Policy

Information about our cancellation policy for Kiroku account holders

As a Kiroku account holder, you are responsible for managing your plan, subscription and billing through your account. You can cancel your Kiroku subscription at any time.

To manage your subscription, click here.

Billing cycles

If you are a monthly subscriber who wants to cancel, you must do so before your next billing cycle starts, or you will be charged for the following month on your renewal date. 

If you are an annual subscriber who wants to cancel during your billing cycle, note that you will not get a refund on the remaining cycle. You can cancel at any point during your billing cycle and will continue having access to Kiroku until the end of this billing cycle.

You can log in to your account and go to this page to see your renewal date and amount.

Trial periods

Kiroku offers a free trial period, at which point your chosen plan and billing cycle will begin. You are notified of the date when your first payment will be taken, and its amount, at the point when you provide your card details.

If you would like to cancel, you need to do this before your billing cycle begins.


We cannot offer refunds if you fail to cancel before your renewal date. If you feel that there has been a problem with your payment or cancellation request please contact us using this form.

Kiroku subscriptions work on a recurring basis, as stated at the point at which you created your account. Whether this is monthly or annual will depend on your chosen billing cycle.


This cancellation policy was updated on the 20th of December 2023 for clarity purposes.