Your subscription and billing

Details about your subscription, including your Kiroku plan and your billing cycle renewal date, can be found in your Kiroku account.

To access this, click the ‘Subscriptions’ option in the left-hand sidebar.

Manage subscription

On this page, you can:
  • See which plan you are currently on

  • Compare all plans

  • Change your plan

  • See the amount and date of your next payment

  • Manage your subscription (e.g. manage your payment method)

  • Cancel your subscription

  • See your invoice history (under Billing > Manage Subscription)

You can also manage your subscription or cancel your plan from the ‘My Account’ section.

If you're interested in subscribing your entire practice, organisation or enterprise for Kiroku, please reach out to us!

Billing cycles

Kiroku’s plans are subscription based with a relevant billing cycle.

You can see more information in the ‘Subscriptions’ option in the left-hand sidebar of your Kiroku account.

You can either have a monthly plan or an annual plan. Your billing cycle mirrors your plan:

  • If the first payment of your monthly plan was taken on the 12th of the month, then your payment will be taken every month on the 12th, or the closest date depending on the number of days in the month.

  • If the first payment of your annual plan was on the 12th of January, then you will be billed every year on the 12th of January.


Kiroku uses Stripe, which millions of businesses use, to manage payments and subscriptions. We currently accept payments via debit or credit card only.

Viewing and downloading previous invoices

To view your previous billing history and invoices with Kiroku, click on Billing > Manage Subscription. 

This will take you to our Stripe portal where you can see any outstanding payments, payment methods and invoice history.

You can view and download previous invoices and receipts individually as a PDF by clicking the small box and arrow symbol.

Upgrading your plan

You can upgrade from our Essential to our Pro plan at any time.

Under "My Account" you can "Upgrade now".

Click here to change your plan.