How to copy notes into your clinical system

Getting notes out of Kiroku and into your practice's system is as easy as copy-paste!

Once your notes are complete, click the ‘Copy notes’ button at the top right of the notes screen. You can also copy individual sections.

You can also use the same 'Copy Notes' button after the 'End of notes' message. Here you can preview your note and access your templates, drafts and auto-saved notes.


This will copy the notes to your clipboard, so you can paste them into your clinical software. The button will change to 'Copied!' so this is clear.

Make sure you paste your notes into the relevant place once you have copied your notes as Kiroku does not currently retain completed notes.


Copying notes from sections

You can also copy individual sections of your notes by using the 'Copy section' button at the top of each section. Again, the button will change to 'Section copied' so this is clear.


Incomplete notes

If there are any un-clicked buttons or empty lines in your template, a warning will appear when you click the 'Copy notes' button.

You can use the 'Skip remaining lines' option in each section to remove any unwanted lines.