What microphone do you recommend?

If your computer does not have a built in microphone you will need to connect an external microphone to use Kiroku's AI Transcription feature.

What might you already have:

An easy way to get right into trying AI Transcription could be using a headset or earbuds with a mic if you have them. This may be plugged into your computer or paired using Bluetooth. 

If you're looking to buy a microphone:

If you're looking into buying a mic we recommend a wireless clip on mic over a desk mic.

Although either a clip on or desk mic would work equally for AI Transcription - our first voice feature, we hope to continue to evolve our voice features to allow you to potentially record entire appointments as they are happening. A wireless lapel mic would be best in this case, and therefore be better suited for the long term.

Key things to keep in mind when selecting a mic:

  • Battery life - if buying a wireless mic you want to ensure it has enough battery life to last throughout your day. Many lapel mics come in sets of two which can be handy to help ensure this. 
  • Sterilisation - You will need to ensure you maintain sterilisation standards for your mic. This may be using alcohol wipes, a UVC box, or another method. Microphones cannot go in an autoclave. Windshields (the fuzzy mic covers) cannot be effectively sterilised so should not be used in a clinical environment.
  • Encryption - We recommend using an encrypted mic to ensure the highest levels of privacy and compliance. 

A specific model recommendations:

Unfortunately we cannot give any specific microphone recommendations currently. We are currently testing a few so we can confidently advise on this in future.