What is Kiroku?

How Kiroku works, how it helps and what makes it different to other note-taking and documentation tools.

Kiroku is a clinical note-taking and documentation platform that lives in your browser.

Documenting your interactions with patients (reason for seeking care, history, examinations, assessments, treatments, discussions and treatment plans) is fundamental to good and safe patient care.

Your notes are your main protection from medico-legal action and are not only required as part of professional standards but for many other processes.

Often, writing up notes means you're not able to provide the level of focus and communication with your patient that you would like to.

At Kiroku, we believe that professionals should focus on the work they were trained to do and not waste time on boring admin tasks.

Who created Kiroku?

Kiroku was founded in 2017 by a dentist (Hannah) and a machine-learning engineer (Jay). It was born out of the stress of writing endless clinical notes instead of treating patients.

We found that dentists spend on average 25% of their day writing notes. ⏰

That time could be better spent seeing a few extra patients a day, providing more focused care to patients or even taking some personal time to refresh and refocus.

Who uses Kiroku?

Professionals using Kiroku can generate clinical notes that are significantly faster than freehand typing. With Kiroku, notes can be taken in a third of the time.

Kiroku is currently available to Dentists and Vets around the world. We're expanding into other areas quickly too!

Our community love that Kiroku is very user-friendly meaning it can be used by anyone in your practice, whether or not they have used Kiroku before.

Writing notes in Kiroku uses a much easier interface than existing clinical software or practice management systems. 

Our templates are also more tailored than standard templates. They are fully customisable to suit your workflow. Our team is also on hand to help you convert existing templates or support you in creating new ones.

Plus, our AI will make suggestions for improvements based on how you use your templates.

Kiroku can run alongside any clinical software as it lives in your browser. It also travels with you wherever you go.

Why use Kiroku?

Save time ⏱

  • Kiroku users can reduce the time they spend on creating clinical notes.

  • Saving time on admin allows you to see and spend more time with patients, or even spend more time with family and friends after work!

  • Kiroku helps you fulfil your legal obligation to create contemporaneous notes, often before the next patient comes into the surgery.

Create better notes 📝

  • Kiroku allows you to input a lot of information simply by clicking buttons and following workflows.

  • This allows you to quickly create notes in an organised and structured way.

  • When referring to your notes or a colleague's notes, Kiroku will ensure those notes have the right amount of detail and are easy to read.

Protect yourself legally 💼

  • Improving the quality of your record keeping helps protect you should you find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit or fitness to practice hearing.

Improve patient care 😎

  • Many Kiroku users set up their templates with workflows to allow them to follow protocols easily.

  • You can send your patients' information and instructions via Kiroku after your appointment.

  • This means they have a record of advice given that they can refer back to.

Reduce burnout 🙅🏻‍♀️

  • It's no secret that clinical jobs have a high level of burnout, which has been linked to high admin levels.

  • You became a clinician to treat patients, not write essays.

  • Kiroku will help you save time, improve your patient care, earn more money and go home to your loved ones on time!