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How to update buttons

You can edit any of the text or the number of options in your buttons, or convert it into a different button type.

First, open the template you wish to edit in the template editor.
See: How to access the template editor

Editing Text and Reordering Buttons

Click on the button group you wish to edit. This will open the button options in the side bar. From here you can alter the text on each button. You can reorder button options by clicking and dragging the six dots to the left of the button option. 

Adding, Duplicating and removing button options

To add a button option select 'Add button' at the bottom of the button side bar.
To duplicate a button option click on the six dots to the left and select 'Duplicate'.
To delete a button option click on the six dots to the left and select 'Delete'.

We suggest keeping the 'Other' option as the final option in a button. Selecting this removes all button options and allows you to free-text your response.

Changing a Button Type

You can change your button types between a Button Group, Multi-select, and dropdown.
Just click on the button you want to change and then click the button type selector in the top left of the sidebar. You will see your template update in real-time.

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If changing from a multi-select, remember that other options allow you to only pick one option. If in doubt about how many options you will need to pick, use a multi-select.