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How to reorder content in your notes templates

You can reorder lines, blocks within a line, and buttons in your notes templates.

Reordering a line
To reorder a line, simply pick up a line by clicking the 6 dot option and moving the line.

Lines can also be rearranged and dragged to new sections. Moving a line with linked lines to a new section will also move the linked lines. 

Linked lines cannot be positioned before the line that creates them.

Reordering blocks within a line

Each line can have multiple blocks and these can be reordered. Every block can be dragged and dropped into a new position in the same line or another line, as shown below.

Reordering Button Options

To change the order of button options click on the button group to open it in the side bar, and then using the six dots click and drag to each option to reorder.