Re-order your Note sections

Jump between sections of your Notes using our navigation (no need to scroll!)

When you're in the process of taking notes - finding the right place to put information can sometimes be frustrating.

In Kiroku, each section forms part of the navigation bar at the bottom of the Note Writing screen.

Clicking on the relevant section (rather than scrolling) makes it easier for you to jump between sections.


You can also drag and drop sections to reorder them during the note-taking process. This will automatically update the navigation bar too.

You can delete an entire section if it is irrelevant to your appointment or notes.

If you accidentally delete a section, you can click to Undo this - but we recommend leaving this until the end.

You'll see below the difference between a completed section and an incomplete section. This helps you to be able to quickly scroll through your notes to identify gaps.

When a section is complete, the lines condense down and there are no more buttons.


An incomplete section will have buttons and the lines have bigger gaps.