How do you maintain privacy and patient confidentiality?

Kiroku was built by clinicians. Everything we do has been shaped with our clinical judgement and ethics in mind.

We have designed everything to be secure for both clinicians and patients when it comes to data privacy 🔒 

Kiroku is GDPR and HIPAA compliant

Patient data in notes templates

If names or dates are entered into a set of notes, our system detects and automatically removes this information from our servers. This information is shown to you, but we cannot see it.

Kiroku has built-in reminders not to share any patient-identifiable information to make sure you are compliant 🤓

Patient data in Docs (Kiroku Pro only)

If you are sending documents to patients digitally using Kiroku Docs any patient identifiable information is held digitally in an encrypted format. We use local (London based) servers and our security is to the highest level. 

Your data and Kiroku

We do hold information about you, the Kiroku user. This information is kept in line with our Privacy Policy and other legislation such as GDPR.

Your data will never be shared without your explicit consent 📄

You can amend your marketing communication preferences at the bottom of any email Kiroku sends.

If you have opted in to SMS communications with Kiroku, you can opt out by following the instructions at the end of any text message.

If you have any problems or questions please in touch with us: