Other button & Live Edits

Here's how you can make quick edits to your templates during the Note-writing process.

The ‘Other’ button

The ‘Other’ button allows you to remove all the existing button options and instead type in a response. This is marked by the green pen icon next to the ‘Other’ button. 


Our AI will recognise if you repeatedly type ‘Other’ options and suggest a new button for your template.

Live edits

Did you notice the green underline when you typed in text after you had clicked the 'Other' button?

When you click on it, it will ask if you want to make changes to your template to incorporate this new information. Click to confirm and from now on, you’ll never need to type that into this template again. Clicking this will permanently change the text in your template.



This also happens if you amend any text in your template (either line headings, text or outputted button options).

You can, of course, always just ignore it if you don’t want to make changes to your template. Any text amendments will be for this set of notes only.

We don't recommend relying on this method to modify your templates. Our team is on hand to help you customise our Templates to suit your needs. 

Live Edits is intended for small tweaks only.