Managing your Templates

See all the different ways to keep your Templates nice and tidy!

There are several ways to manage your templates in Kiroku. The best way is from the template picker on your dashboard.

This grid shows you all of the templates (stock, modified or custom) that you have added. You can also search for your templates in the search bar just above this grid.

The search bar will only search for templates already added to your personal library. You can also search the Template library for other stock templates.


Making Changes to Templates

To manage your templates, just hover over one and click on the 'More options' button.

This menu gives you several options:

  • Edit your template - see our article on editing existing templates for more information, including how to restore previous versions of your templates

  • Renaming templates - change the name of a template

  • Duplicate template - make a tweak to a template and keep the original

  • Share template - proud of your template? Share it with other users by sending them your template

  • Delete template - remove the template (forever!)

  • Change icon - change the icon that appears with your template from our list of options.


Renaming templates

We recommend renaming any stock templates that you have made edits to.

This is so that you can easily identify your edited version vs the stock template. This could be using something like your initials at the end.

You can easily re-downloaded any stock templates that you delete from the Template Library to get the latest version.

Before you make a change to a template, you can always duplicate it, rename it, and then edit it.

A template will show an ‘updated’ label if it has been updated in any way in the last 24 hours. That could be a simple change or a more complex one.

These changes might have been made by you or the Kiroku team (for example, if we are helping you to build your own template or edit an existing template).

Reordering templates

You can reorder the templates in your dashboard by simply dragging and dropping them around this grid while holding down the 6 dot menu.

Deleting templates

You can also delete templates from here - but make sure you really mean to. You won't be able to get this template back!

Sharing templates

You can share any templates you create (or modify) with other Kiroku users. Just email it to them!


It's as simple as opening the menu of the template that you want to share and clicking the 'Share Template' option.

Add the email addresses of all the people that you want to send the template with and click 'Share'!

Changing Icons

You can customise the icons for each of the templates on your Note or Docs dashboard. 

To do this, hover over the relevant template until the small green option bar appears with menu options. 
Note Dashboard menu
Then pick the 'Change Icon' option.
Change icon
Then pick the icon that you want to use going forward and click 'Done'!
Edit icon options dental

You can turn icons off in your settings if you prefer.



If you have any problems or questions please in touch with us: