How does Kiroku work with other software?

Kiroku is compatible with almost all software. Your notes can simply be added to any field that accepts text input.

Kiroku is compatible with almost all software, including some common software listed below. Your Notes can be added to any field that accepts text input.

All you need to do to copy your Kiroku notes into your software of choice is click the ‘Copy Notes’ button.

As soon as you click this button, your notes are copied to your clipboard.

You can also copy individual sections of notes, rather than the entire template of notes.

Then paste your notes into the records system of your choice as text.

Just right-click and select ‘Paste’ or use the relevant keyboard shortcut (ctrl-v for Windows or cmd-v for Mac users).

If you have any problems or questions please in touch with us:

Direct integrations

We often get asked about integrations and if we have plans for integrating Kiroku with practice management systems or other software.

We are actively exploring a few integrations and are happy to work with partners to integrate Kiroku into clinical systems to save our community time and effort.

We're always open to discussions so please let us know how this would impact your day-to-day practice.

One of the things that we hear from users is that they like that Kiroku is simply browser-based, and so can be used in different clinics if you work in multiple locations. This also means it can be used in different clinics even where they use different practice management systems.

Common dental software used alongside Kiroku

  • Bridge-IT

  • ClearDent

  • Curve Dental

  • Dentally

  • Dental4Windows

  • Dentrix

  • OpenDental

  • Pearl

  • Software of Excellence - SOE or Exact.

  • R4


Common veterinary software used alongside Kiroku

  • ezyVet
  • IDEXX Animana
  • Merlin
  • ProVet
  • Robovet
  • Rx Works
  • Teleos
  • VetIT