What are Kiroku AI suggestions?

Our AI learns from your unique notes and patterns to make your note-taking process easier.

AI Suggestions 🔮

AI Suggestions are how your templates learn from you and adjust themselves to your style.

Kiroku’s AI learns from your behaviour during appointments, noticing patterns and offering up the learnings in the form of suggested edits.

You can accept or reject these suggestions at the click of a button - leaving you with personalised templates with minimal effort.

Check your AI Suggestions page to review suggestions. You can accept or dismiss each one.

When you have suggestions to review, you'll see a notification in the sidebar as well as on any relevant templates on your dashboard.

Previously, Kiroku would make changes to your Note templates for you. However, based on feedback we introduced the ability to accept or reject suggestions, keeping you in control of your templates.

AI Score 📈

On your dashboard, you will be able to see your AI score. This score tells you how much our machine-learning engines have learned about your note-taking habits.

The higher your AI score is the more automatic updates you will see 💪🏻

We will also periodically ask users with a high AI score to test new features before they are released for everybody else.

Use of AI in Kiroku

Kiroku does not currently use third-party or generative AI (like ChatGPT) to:

  • Alter or write your Notes
  • Suggest the content of your Notes
  • Make suggestions for how your Note Templates could be improved or customised

Our custom-built AI is used to make suggestions about the structure and content of your templates based on how you already use Kiroku.

We're keeping a close eye on the rapidly advancing changes happening in AI!