Adding sections from other templates & Snippets

Re-use sections from other templates or add additional text when you need to enhance your notes using the 'Add section' button.

Importing Notes

Do you sometimes need to document something that isn’t built into your current template?

That’s ok, you can copy sections from other templates without having to leave your notes.

Use the 'Add section' button from the tool bar at the top of your template.

Select the template you want to copy from, select the section(s) you want and finally select where you would like it to go into your notes.

Useful sections include Radiographs (in the Emergency dental template) and Crowns in the Indirect Restoration Template.

Save time with snippets

In addition to Import Notes, you can also add Snippets of text to your notes.

Snippets can be used to add a piece of text or long descriptions. These might not be built into your template but you may find you need to include them in the notes for your appointment.

You can copy and paste them easily into your template and create new ones 👇

To create a new snippet, click the + button at the end of the search bar.

You’ll be asked to provide a title, category and text for your snippet.

Kiroku suggested snippets are already built for you!