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How to copy from one notes template to another

If there are parts of existing templates, stock or custom, that you would like in another, you can copy lines or whole sections from one template to another.

Click the ‘Copy from template’ button at the top of the editor. It will bring up your current template on the left side, and then you can select a template to copy from on the right side.

Once you have chosen your template, you can simply drag sections or lines from the existing template (right) into the new template (left). This will not affect the existing template. You can view as many existing templates on the right side as you need to to build your custom template on the left side.

At the moment you can only drag individual lines or entire sections between templates. You can’t select and drag across multiple lines at once.

Any lines that have linked lines associated with them will also copy across directly linked lines into your new template!

If the lines you want to copy over create linked lines in a different section, please create the section and name it in your new template first.

  • Your section name should match the name of the section in the template you are copying over (e.g. Diagnosis or Discussion). This is so that Kiroku knows where you want these new lines to live once copied into the new template.

  • If you don't create the section to house these linked lines, they either won't copy across, or they will copy over in the same section as that from which they originate. You will then need to manually drag them to different sections.

  • To avoid this, first copy over the sections where these linked lines are created - they will copy over as empty initially. Once you copy over the section that houses the lines they originate from, then these linked lines will be populated for you.

If you need any help doing this our team would be happy to assist.
Just reach out!