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How do I get a template back?

Templates might be recoverable - but it depends on the circumstances.

Kiroku has built-in version control for your template so that you can reuse the old version of your template. We can also help you to recover some kinds of templates.

If you're looking to recover Notes taken using a specific template, check your Drafts page first. Here you can see notes that you actively saved as well as autosaved backups that we have saved for you.

I want to go back to a previous version of my template

If you made edits to a template and you want to revert them, you can do so within our Template Editor.

Simply click to edit the Template and click "Template Options" at the top.


There you can see the history of changes made to your template and preview each version. When you find the version you want to use again, click "Revert".

Don't forget to confirm this change by clicking "Save changes and go back".

I deleted a stock template by accident

No problem!

If you were using a template downloaded from the Kiroku Library and had made no edits to it - you can simply go back to the Library and download it again.

The version you download will be the latest version of the template, as our clinical team often improve templates the in our library based on feedback and clinical guidelines.

I deleted a template I had made edits to

Unfortunately, deleted custom templates are not recoverable.

We will do our best to explore if we can recover anything.

We'll need to know:

  • The exact name of the template deleted
  • When it was deleted

My template is crashing or has stopped working

If your template stops working as expected - please complete the error report information if one appears. Please provide details about what you were doing when the template crashed.

Please do not rename or delete your template - this will make it hard for us to investigate what has happened!

If you have any problems or questions please in touch with us: