Converting Notes to Docs

How to convert your Notes into one of the associated Docs

Converting your quickly written yet personalised Notes into Docs is as easy as clicking one button! The best way to convert completed Notes into Docs is directly after you've written your notes.

From the Note Writer end zone

If you're on our Pro plan with access to Docs, any associated Docs templates will appear in the end zone.

Simply click the Doc template you want to use and add in any patient variables required! You can edit the contents of your Doc before downloading or sending.


From your Notes drafts

If you're not yet ready to convert your Notes to Docs, save them as a draft first.

When you're ready to write your Doc, find your Notes in the Saved Drafts. Reopen your Note and again scroll to the end zone to generate your Doc(s).


Docs can only be generated from completed appointment Notes or saved Notes drafts. You cannot generate a Doc from an auto-saved copy of a Note.

Finishing your Doc

All that's left for you to do is to add your patient variables! Depending on your Doc template, these might be things like:

  • Patient's name or address
  • Physician's name or address
  • Patient's gender

Simply fill in the fields on the left side, above your notes and watch your document populate itself!


If you need to make any edits to the Doc before downloading or sending it, you can do so on the right side of the screen!


If you have any problems or questions please in touch with us: