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Adding images to Docs

How to add images to your Docs and formatting options

You can add images into your Doc template or at the point of sending/downloading, to help communicate certain points. You can also add images to your header/footer for branding purposes.

All images should be saved somewhere on your computer before being added to your Doc. At the moment you can't drag and drop images in.

Adding images to your Doc template

You can build images into your Doc as you would in a normal document processor. This could be an image that helps explain a point in the text, or it could be an image with your signature at the end of your document.

If your image is part of a logic block, this means it will only be shown in your Doc if the appropriate conditions are met for it to be shown.

To add an image, simply click on the location where you want your image added and then click the "Add image" icon. Your location can be inside a purple logic block!

You can then align the image if you want.

To resize an image, click and drag from one of the corners.


To delete an image, simply click on it and then click the "delete" key (or ⌫) on your keyboard.

Images built into your Docs template can only be "in-line", meaning it is aligned with the text in your Doc. In-line images are better for accessibility.

Adding images to headers or footers

You can add images to your header or footer for branding. To do so, simply click on the "Header/Footer/Page numbers" option at the top of the Doc Editor.


Images added to headers can be placed in line or by moving them freely within the header section to accommodate branding needs.


You can use all the normal document processing tools as part of your header or footer, including changing the font colour, type and size.

Remember to save any edits you make to your header or footer before returning to the letter editor!

Adding images to your Doc before sending

You can also add in-line images to your Doc just before sending or downloading it.

First, add in any of the variables required for your letter e.g. Patient name.

Then simply click on the area of your Doc where you want to add an image. Click the "Add image" icon, select your image from your files and resize or align your image as needed.

You can also amend any images added to the Doc even if they were part of your template.