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Adding headers, footers and page numbers to Docs

Add branding or legal information to your Kiroku generated Docs using these formatting tools.

Docs created in Kiroku can have headers, footers and page numbers applied to them so that you maintain your legal obligations and your documents remain on brand.

Inside the Template Editor, click on the Header/Footer/Page numbers button.

You can add images as well as text to your footers and headers.

Use the formatting ribbon to change text, such as the colour, font, size, alignment etc.

When you upload an image using the image icon, the image will default to an inline image. You can also choose the "free move" option to resize and place your image within the space provided.


Adding page numbers

Turning on the page number toggle will add page numbers to the bottom right-hand side of your Docs.


You can also leave your documents without headers, footers and page numbers, for example, if you are going to download them to your computer and add them later on. If you want to send Tracked Docs with headers, footers, or page numbers, these will need to be added within Kiroku.