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Dental template abbreviations

This is a list of the most common abbreviations, terms and acronyms you may find in our Kiroku Dental stock templates.

Some of these vary depending on the country of use, we’ve indicated these with an emoji.

Remember that templates are yours to adapt or customise, so you can edit any of these terms in your templates.


VCG - Verbal consent given

VCO - Verbal consent obtained

VFCG - Verbal and financial consent given 🇳🇿

RHS - Right-hand side

LHS - Left-hand side

TCA - To come again


C/O - Chief complaint

MH - Medical history

RMH - Relevant medical history


E/O - Extra oral

I/O - Intar oral

TSL - Tooth surface loss

ETB - Electric toothbrush

MTB - Manual toothbrush

LN - Lymph nodes

MOM - Muscles of mastication

SG - Salivary glands

TMJ - Temporomandibular joint

FOM - Floor of mouth

BPE - Basic periodontal examination

BEWE - Basic Erosive Wear Examination

BW's - Bitewing radiographs

CBCT - Cone beam computed tomography

PA - Intra-oral periapical radiographs

TMD - Temporomandibular disorder

RAD - Radiograph

A - Acceptable

N - Not acceptable

PARL - Periapical radiolucency

RL - Periapical radiolucency

NWSI - Non-working side interference


PD - Periodontal disease

HPT - Hygiene phase therapy

OHI - Oral hygiene instruction

6PPC - 6-point pocket chart


WL - Working length

EAL - Electronic apex locator

MAF - Master apical file

NaOCL - Sodium hypochlorite

GP - Gutta percha

CaOH - Calcium hydroxide


LAFH - Lower anterior face height

FMPA - Frankfort mandibular plane angle


XLA - Extraction

RCT - Root canal treatment

IANB - Inferior alveolar nerve block

GIC - Glass ionomer cement

RRB - Resin retained bridge

PFM - Porcelain fused to metal


DBOH - Delivering Better Oral Health

PSG - Professional Standards Group

FGDP - Faculty of General Dental Practice

OCDO - Office of the Chief Dental Officer