What is the AI Assistant?

Our AI Assistant (currently in beta) can be used to perform any action with your notes.

Ask our AI to do even more with your notes using our AI Assistant. 

This feature is found at the bottom of all notes templates. It provides a number of set tasks such as summarise notes, list points of concern, or write a patient letter, OR you can write your own prompt. The AI will then perform the requested task referencing the set of notes you have just completed.

This feature is still in Beta (May 2024) and AI can make mistakes or display inaccurate information so please always check its responses.

We are still developing this feature and will keep you posted on any improvements as they happen. 

We always love to hear our users feedback so reach out if you have any. 

Chat is found at the bottom right of your screen.
You can email us at support@trykiroku.com
To WhatsApp us scan the code below:
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